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The exceptional field performance of our products is guaranteed through the use of core technology from the global leaders in AIS technologies SRT Marine Systems plc.  Every em-trak product is powered with superior performance and functionality.

Our unique core AIS transceiver technology, HF-AIS, ensures all AIS transmissions are decoded without error allowing the user to see all possible AIS targets and data.

AIS is a complex real-time radio data communications system. With the growth of AIS, there are now thousands of transceivers simultaneously transmitting and receiving messages to each other. Unseen to the user of AIS, each and every transmission needs to be received and then decoded before being outputted to a display system. As the loading increases, it is common for some transmissions to corrupt and get lost during the reception and decoding process. Of course, as these messages are unseen, the user has no idea that transmissions have been lost – perhaps a critical transmission?

Our HF-AIS transceiver technology overcomes this issue through the application of advanced core decoder technology developed by SRT. Pro-active, progressive thinking by SRT engineers foresaw the dramatic increase in AIS use and therefore addressed this future issue by developing new embedded technologies.

HF-AIS ensures all AIS messages are received at maximum range and processed without error in real time.


em-trak products deliver the very best real functionality that maximise use, convenience, safety and fun. 


This starts with connectivity to your desired display.  All em-trak products have plug and play interoperability with any display or app - you are never constrained and have the freedom to use all the latest systems.

A range of additional functionality such as various proximity alarms, silent mode, MOB track and alert, and much more is available across the em-trak range.  

Innovative reliable functionality that you can use time after time, year after year.


At em-trak quality is the number one priority in everything we do, evidenced by our growing global reputation.

Throughout the development of our products, there is robust and independent testing of each individual component as well as testing of the integrated components.  Extremely comprehensive, this process aims to define the products breaking points rather than simply meeting a given standard.  

Our product development quality validation procedure is considered to be the most robust in the world and involves extensive testing undertaken by our own dedicated quality assurance team, external test agencies and professional user groups such as coasts guards.

Once in volume production, our quality processes and requirements exceed the highest international standards.  Manufactured in Europe in one of the world's most advanced manufacturing facilities each and every unit undergoes multi-level testing which sees every product tested multiple times. 


em-trak products deliver the very best real functionality that maximises your use, convenience, safety and fun. 


​Quite simply we offer Innovative reliable functionality that you can use time after time, year after year supported by an international no borders warranty.

What our customers say...

I decided to upgrade my old Class B and chose em-trak, I'm very happy with it, it was really easy to install and plug into my existing chart plotter.  Not only that but  I now see more AIS targets. than with my old AIS.

My em-trak A100 AIS Class A is easy to use and has been completely reliable. And its USCG certified.

em-trak customer support made it so easy for me to connect my AIS to my PC and chart plotter.